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When Duane Zingale is not lost in a Lego Fairytale with his two amazing daughters, they’re adorable By the way, he is likely to be found geeking out on crafting relationship-based marketing funnels with his LISTEN funnel framework. 

And it’s not just about building a funnel for the sake of it.

Duane is a digital ad specialist & digital integrator and founder of the digital marketing group Legacy Catalyst…

This guy loves tech so that you and I don’t have to!

His Mission with Legacy Catalyst is to get behind more than just a business… but to champion movements that will change the world one life at a time leaving a lasting Legacy.

He likes to say when you leave your digital footprint today you start leaving your legacy for tomorrow

And that why He believes staring a movement is the most powerful way to market and monetize your personal Brand!

That’s why he launched the “Marketing Your Movement Show… 

To help personal brands such as coaches & consultants lead a transformational community and earn a return on their influence

Duane helps his clients leverage automated marketing systems to create contextual conversations …. Using Duane’s LISTEN Funnel Framework to build a relationship with potential clients through their customer journey.

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